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accessibility-moving-forward's podcast

May 9, 2019

Just a quick note. I bought mine from: This recorder does have vox recording. When you start audio it starts recording. When you stop audio, it stops as well.

Apr 1, 2019

We speak with some of the best podcasting people out there. Our long time friends, Thomas Domville, Scott Davert, and Parker Wattington. We talk about how they adjust to their hearing ades.

Mar 1, 2019

This week we talk about the power air fryer elite and how we made it accessible with help from Anne DeWitt of Tangible Surface Research.

Feb 1, 2019

This week Bill and Randy talk with the host of the dot to dot podcast, Robin Christopherson.

Jan 1, 2019

This week we talk about Amazon, and the air fryer elite oven and much more.